10 Actors Who Won Oscars For The Wrong Film

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  1. Denzel has UNLIMITED talent when cast in the correct role. These roles include "Training Day," "Malcolm X," and perhaps "The Hurricane." After I watch "The Hurricane," I will get back to you all and tell ya what I think. (haha) But I am making an educated guess that discounting Denzel's performance in "Training Day" does not make a lot of sense.

  2. Scent of a woman is a terrific film and it's one of Pacino's best. A win that should be included here is Paul Newman for The colour of money when he should have won it decades ago for The Hustler.

    Adding to all this, Michael Keaton should have won for Birdman than Redmayne for The theory of everything.

  3. Julianne Moore should have won before Still Alice, Nicole Kidman should have won for Moulin Rouge, Kate Winslet should have won for Sense and Sensibility, and Sandra Bullock definitely should have won for Gravity…

  4. All of these choices except Lawrence are true.  She was great in Silver Linings Playbook.  But Kate Winslet for the Reader should be #1 for two reasons:  It was really a supporting role and she was much better that year in a different film:  Revolutionary Road.

  5. Al Pacino could have won more Oscars for Godfather-2, Dog Day Afternoon, And The Justice For All and Scarface. But Scent Of The Woman was equally well deserving Oscar.

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