10 Cool Celebrities Who Are Down To Earth

Welcome to Top10Archive! Isn’t it just depressing when you find out that your favorite celebrity is, in real life, a big, giant di… unfriendly person? Thankfully, not …


  1. All garbage, all these dirtbags participate in child sacrifice rituals, gay sex, and sex with children. All except keanu Reeves! Take a look at the hardships and the losses keanu has suffered in his life for not participating in the illuminati trash.

  2. Most of these celebrities obviously do this shit to make themselves look good, not because they are good. I'd like to see these celebrities do these things without documenting it. You do good deeds because your a good person not because the world needs to see you as one.

  3. Yahushua Ha Mashiach/Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but by me John 14:6. Father Abba, son Father Yahushua and the Holy Ghost are one Holy Trinity. Amen.

    read the King James version Bible daily others are counterfeits revelation 22:12 -21. Repent! for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand Matthew 3-2. Be holy, as I am Holy the Leviticus 19-2.

    keep God Ten Commandments Deuteronomy chapter 5 and John 14:15 talks about:

    1. thou shalt have none other gods (idols ) before me (anything or person can be an idol if you put it before God). Mark 12:30 love thy God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength amen.

    only Yahushua/Jesus save you, he died on Calvary cross for your sins! must have one-on-one relationship with God that's why you are created for. Read daily bread prayer Matthew chapter 6, song of Moses Exodus chapter 15, Luke 9 :23 -27 and John 3:16 -21.

    important must see on YouTube -marriage supper of the Lamb by Susan Davis words from God revelation 19:7 -9 this will guide you to be in God's Will and how to be saved. She also got more videos, she's a true Prophet/ teacher of God.

    2. not make the any Graven image or likeness of anything that is in heaven (statues :Jesus , mary or Angels Etc), in Earth (person, animal, Beast, pagans, fowl in the air ,Molech, Sun Baal, Ceramics, Moab ,plants Etc )and in the water (sea creatures Etc) ,nor Bow thyself down and served them (if you have them in your life you are serving them).

    deut 18:10-13 talks about: horoscopes, anything make believe people creatures or things, astrology, mediums, fortune-tellers, holidays, Channeling, numerologist witchcraft spells magic black magic magicians curses robots fairy tales creatures Disney creatures puppets Wizards vampires horror films any kind of evil doings, Romancing the dead or people, seducing people or the Dead, witchcraft ghost hunting tarot cards Ouija boards worshiping the devil pentagrams vanity tattoos marks cuts sorceries , eat blood (also in meats too) Etc.. Abomination to God. read Revelation 9:20, 21:8 and Leviticus 19:28. demons n evil spirits enter idols n ppl.

    3. not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

    also saying in anger, profane JC or the Holy Ghost, OMG, OMGoosh, om goodnessEtc, mocks, curse, Mother Nature should be Father God nature, Jesus on this and that in his name for money gains or for show of men n blasphemy God or the Holy Ghost. like they do in movies, the pope and the media does. people using omg left and right everyday . Devil mocks God's ways and the Bible… Like DNA mixing robots rainbow scarecrow and marriages Etc. Read Isaiah 5:20.

    4. keep the Sabbath day( Saturday),keep it Holy, nor do any Works (job, Club, spend, shop, cook, clean, party Etc.).

    5. honor thy Father (also God) n thy mother.

    6. not kill (hatred in your heart, already killed).

    7. not commit adultery (fornication, lust after or porn) read Matthew 5:28.

    people are committing adultery with God, by having a friendship with the World by :entertainment, celebrities, technology, government (Illuminati puppets, feeding into the circus of Lies ,don't trust them), churches – supposed to be House of God it became a house of : devils, mixing with the world lukewarm, false Jesus teaching, profits off of God, tax-exempt, clubs, no Holy Ghost., the world Ways, idolatry, trusting and following the world problems instead of God (that devil wants you to focus on the world instead of God that's his plan), what man says instead of what God says in the Bible, following TV shows TV talk radio shows and people that claim be doing God will people making sacrifices $ time worship blood n praises unto their host (idols god ) , just cuz mention God, didn't mean doing his will.

    false teachers: Anita fuentes $ con Jezebel, mocks God ppl n Holy ghost. she uses Lamb's book of life to guilt ppl give money for her lifestyle..she has no right whom be saved or not!, Lyn Leahz, Sid Roth, noory, Beck, rush, ophrey, olseen , pastors n other shows etc. you know em by their fruits: asking for donations, money, the lifestyle, tax exempt n saying Jesus on this and for profits.also most of em illuminati puppets.

    read James 4:4, 1 John 2 :15 16, John 8:44, 1 Peter 5:8, Luke 8-12, Hosea 4 :1 10, 2 Peter 2 :1 -3, Joshua 24:15, Mark 10:21 and Revelation all chapter 18.

    8. not steal.
    9. not bear false witness (fornication, lust after or porn too). read Matthew 5:28.
    10. not covet (desires or take other ppl stuff).
    Jesus added another commandment Thou shalt love thy Neighbour ,as yourself Matthew 22:39.

    not telling people the truth, you're not loving Thy Neighbor telling about God's Kingdom his words the Bible, to repent, about hell, commandments, marriage supper, to be holy, live holy, about the rapture, liveknowlove God Yahushua, expose false teachers, the Holy Ghost you need to be Rapture Ready and loved everyone. help bring people to God, keep them from hell. what if you're not saved, wouldn't you want to know the truth?

    denying God, he will deny you. What makes you think you're going to spend eternity in heaven, if you can't have a relationship with him here on Earth . ppl say saved always be saved, Call on Lord when you need him when disasters happen and after disasters put him away. saying Jesus on this and that, by doing good works it's your will not God you have to ask God what he wants from you day by day, going to church, being lukewarm that means given God little of your time and spending the rest of your time with the world idolatry and God is just love…. If you read the Bible and have a one-on-one relationship with God you will know he's more than just love. these are lies from a pit of Hell! even the devil calls on the Lord .churches don't speak of hell cuz they're afraid of the Losing people or people will get scared I tell you people need to be scared they need to fear the lord Our God that's the problem in this world nobody fears God! this is the deception from the devil cuz if you knows about hell you will repent and come to God he does not want that. These churches just tax exempt they can't speak certain things out of the Bible they have to follow whatever the government or the evil the devil what they want you to say or scripted. don't need a church, make you house a church of family of God. sinners Sinners and pride won't enter into heaven… Even Christian Pride race Pride an American Pride Etc.

    see on u tube- 3 days of darkness Revelation The Sixth Seal, people having visions and dreams of Yahushua/Jesus coming rapture acts 2:17, David Wilkerson videos, aliens are demons and fallen angels, false blue beam rapture, God's word for 2017! ! urgent prophecy! and judgement! By Almightywind, God warns get out of the East Coast, Earth after the Rapture Vision, hell is real, the weather events- floods (days of Noah) fires earthquakes volcanoes and hurricanes Etc… Is God waking people up to repent! We are in the end Days read all Matthew and the revelations, mark of the beast (RFID it's here don't take it in or on your body), Book of Enoch Hebrews 11:5, idolatry videos, rid of idols, the government tracking you, mind control, Vatican evil and Illuminati (devil minions) are in everything: food drinks shots government churches TV radio talk shows kids :toys Games music movies Disney abductions sacrifices abortions., companies… You name it Etc… Watch for the one eye/ cover, pyramid /hand signed too, and the devil hand signs or rituals( see it on Grammy Awards actors Awards Music Awards sports music videos concerts TV channel logos Etc.).

    now have commercials they trying to get kids to put an eye on their hand and in schools are scanning hands (conditioning toward the RFID mark chip)… Kids are easy targets for Hellfire …please teach em to liveknowlove God Yahushua and the Bible.

    RFID chip is is here in hospitals tags credit cards debit cards surgeries implants tattoos shots pills Etc.

    if you delete this comment you're deleting God's words and Truths read Ezekiel 33: 6-9. May God bless you all.

  4. Beyonce is a man
    And so is Trumps fake daughter
    And so is Michael Obama
    And so is that other actriz from Transformers movie which has nothing to do with the fu<king transformers
    Taylor Swift is a stupid botch who is the devils bitcj

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