10 Famous Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Hot

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Check out these 10 child actors all grown up today living their life after the fame. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 …


  1. abigal has great tits. a little chub is ok u have to be a little chubby to have huge tits, yes some are skinny with big tits but it is rare , tits are the best

  2. Whether Macaulay Culkin is hot or not is not my issue. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What I find rather offensive is him being called deranged simply because he does not fit the mold of the status quo. I found that extremely offensive and rude. By the way I don't see an ugly person inside or out when I look at him. I think he must be quite a beautiful down to Earth person, just doing what he loves to do. Shame on you Talko.

  3. I'd include the Olsen twins. They were cute growing up. Now they want nothing to do with the cast of Full House, want nothing to with Fuller House. Something tramatized them. They're marrying men old enough to be their dad.

  4. by some of the people in this list it seems to have been a struggle for you to find 10 celebs to put in it . hot is not the word i,d of picked for more than a few of them

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