10 Greatest Architecture Cities in The World

Here are 10 of the greatest cities with the most amazing architecture structures in the entire world. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 5. Rome Built in 72 …


  1. Worst 'greatest' architecture clip ever made. London, Paris, Budapest, st Petersburg, Vienna, singapore, Florence, at least one of them deserved a place in this video.
    And who the heck chose Berlin and Dubai to be in this list. Their architecture is sometimes great but not greatest.
    Get things sorted and make another video pls. This is ambarassing. What will aliens think when they watch this 😉

  2. Berlin on 3? If you ever visit Germany, DON't go to Berlin. It's rich on culture, but the city is ugly as hell. I'm architect and I'm german. Please trust me. This video is a joke.

  3. I must agree with the commentators on this one, there are loads of other cities that make the top 10, and though these may differ one from another, I'm sure we can all agree Dubai doesn't get a look in! Definitely not past cities such as Paris, Venice, Verona, St Petersburg, London, Oxford, Boston, Tokyo, Seoul, Bath, even Vegas is more architecturally intriguing then Dubai. But it came 2nd, what a joke.

  4. Dubai as nr 2… just lost all credibility to me. The architecture in Dubai is shit, every building in Dubai is build like a perfume bottle with no respect to its sorroundings, history or other context… theres no urban planning considering pedestrians and cycling and you call it the most "modern" city in the world, what a joke. Its one of the least liveable cities in the world, i wonder if the guys who maked this video even visited the city or just got amazed by tall scyscrapers on google…

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