10 Holiday Gifts That Caused Riots (Black Friday Fights)

Welcome to Top10Archive! Can you believe that it’s almost that time again? Time to string up the lights, place the angel atop the tree, and steamroll your way …


  1. i remember my mom braving the masses for the cabbage patch kid that i still have till this day.sad thing is they didn't mention today's crazyness over the nes classic and the hatchamals.trust me i have seen it this holiday season as no store has had them and the news has even covered the nes hatchamal madness and yes people are still making them skyrocket and sell them like crazy online 🙁

  2. Imagine the embarrassment …to look back and find yourself in one of those riots vids… looking like a complete idiot…

    Now ask yourself… honestly, was it worth it?

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