10 More Everyday Things You Don’t Know the Purpose of

From the clever design features on Jerry Cans to the coloured markings on toothbrushes, here are 10 more everyday things you most likely don’t know the …


  1. 1:40 You almost had it, you both lied there naked in each other's arms, she was about to insert your penis in her vagina, you were so horny and right on the edge that you came the second she grabbed your dick and now you failed at your first intercourse. Good job.

  2. The loose cap on the end of the tape measure: anchor the loose end to measure an open end item like a piece of wood. If to measure the length or height of a wall, there is no way you can anchor the loose end behind the wall, so, you bump or push the loose end against the wall, the slack will be gone, and you get the proper measurement. Not the way you demo it.

  3. The three handles on a jerry can are also there so you can carry two cans in one hand more easily. By putting two cans next to each other and carrying both by the handles that meet where the cans touch.

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