10 Most AMAZING Lost Worlds on Earth

If you’re thirsty for an adventure to another world, then you might not need to gaze up – but rather, explore the untouched lost worlds of our own planet. Hidden …


  1. I am fan of no human. I LOVE JESUS and our planet. I am very sad and so sorry I didn't make it to places like the Vietnamese Cave at the end of this video. I wanted SO badly to go THERE and experience it with my amazing and deserving twin young sons.
    Sad indeed when evil steps in to take away every thing taking advantage of good hearted people. I am truly grateful I'm NOT bitter.
    I am POSITIVE HEAVEN will be of such profound magnificent beauty and I look forward to it so much!
    STILL, what a blessing it would be to experience it with my sons!

  2. There is currently a very bad thing in Palawan Highlands (Number 8) that is going on.
    the company Nickalodian is currently trying to get the rights to make a underwater resort there.
    To "Bring awareness to pollution" and all that.
    But their scheme to do so, will cause the current ecosystem to die. There are petitions to stop them from doing so.
    It would be a shame to see a tourist trap in a place like that.

  3. It would be best if man never got to any of these places as any where man sets foot, destruction starts that day. First it is a trail, then an outpost, and then it is bulldozed for mineral and oil exploration. If the species in any of those places is lucky maybe they will cause a natural plague, killing any one that arrives.

  4. Mount (Volcano) Basavi is waking up as of today 3-1-18. Earthquake swarms including a 7.3 as magma makes it's way to the surface. An eruption is expected.

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