10 Most MONSTROUS Specimens of EXISTING Animals

Monsters may be fictional, but as it turns out, some creatures that are frightening enough to appear in our nightmares may not be so imaginary. There are some …


  1. Gustav dwarfed Lolong it's just no one could ever kill or capture him alive. They tried many times. In the footage of him he is dwarfing the 13 foot females and other normal size male Crocs around him. They guess he was around 25-30 feet but that was just a guess……….Most people that worked on the project to try and capture him said he was closer to around 35 feet long.

  2. Me being from Missouri caught a 4 foot alligator gar on a hook in the meramec river by accident. No gloves or pliers you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get the damn thing off of my hook made for catfish with only a headlamp to see. Hated my life that night lol.

  3. Considering how much of the ocean is unexplored, I believe that things like the megalodon are still alive and perhaps creatures like the kraken really do exist. They might just be going into seclusion because of changing climates and the advancements in water vehicles in the last century.

  4. Fact: we know more about space than we do our own oceans. Take the biggest book you can find on the ocean and it would only represent 2% of what's been explored.

  5. A jelly fish is not called a jelly fish it is now called jellys cuz they have no back bone and fish do have backbones so fish that do not have back bone do not have fish in thier name

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