10 Most MYSTERIOUS Places On Earth

From paranormal farms to suicide forests, the places we’re about to reveal are unusual… to say the least. You may need government clearance to explore these …


  1. The dog one has been explained. It turns out there are hundreds of minks living down there. The dogs smell them and jump to follow the smell.

  2. The suicide forest Aokigahara at the foot of Mount Fuji has fascinated me for years. I have seen a documentary on this dark and forboding place and it gave me such a sad and hopeless feeling when I watched it. I know that suicide is viewed differently in Japan than it is in the USA, as many people there usually have a decisive and stronger sense of why they are committing self-termination out of shame (either because they did something that was dishonorable or embarrassing to their family and ancestors.) Here and other countries in the Western part of the world will often commit suicide out of desperation, depression or as a means of revenge on the person or persons they have been hurt by or out of self-sacrifice (as some Japanese people do also at times) but they seem much more motivated to end their life when their familie's honor is at stake or their actions are deemed as unfortunate or Intentional. They also believe that self-sacrifice is also a way to end any curses or any unhappiness they feel they have burdened others with. It is a terrible place and most victims are lost or forgotten and left to rot (sometimes victims aren't located for years) and that makes me the saddest I think.

  3. "your life is precious" – for the parasitic oligarchs that require you for slavery so they could live your life for you.
    And this is never told in media. And if you ever happen to record a dead person in that forest, the media is paid to turn you into criminal. And let's not forget that child pornography was PROUDLY legal in Japan until only 2009. Japan is also currently proudly covering up Chernobyl #2. Enjoy your additional dose of radiation.

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