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  1. I feel like killing someone when I'm hours into a game, have not saved my progress, then the fucking thing freezes up. I've played all my PlayStations from the original, up to current gen for extended periods of time……but I'm not that much of a retard that I play for 50 hours without taking a break, sleeping, eating, drinking and going to the toilet. Speaking of gaming generations, what was all your first gaming machine? Mine was the zx spectrum, with the cassette tapes that took weeks to load.

  2. 1-Blood clots from sitting down for ridiculously long periods of time killed someone.
    2-Two guys got pissed off over a game, met up IRL and one killed the other.
    3-A guy got depressed over a game and killed himself.
    4-A clearly mentally ill child killed himself because he fantasized about meeting the in-game characters in some sort of afterlife.
    5-Someone who clearly never should've had children killed her child because it kept interrupting her gaming sessions.
    6-Some old lady neglected her child until it starved to death because she was playing a game.
    7-Some dumbass got pissed off at someone else in a game and killed him (IRL).
    8-Some guy got pissed off because his friend sold an item he lent him and killed him over it.
    9-Another clearly mentally ill guy killed some people, and said "life is a video game, you've got to die sometime."
    10-Another douchebag who never should've had children killed his daughter because she broke his xbox.
    Right…this is definitely the fault of video games. It certainly has nothing to do with mental illness, bad parenting, poor health choices, or anger issues. Nothing at all. Nice propaganda video, though. It's good to see gaming subculture being totally misrepresente-I mean, perfectly represented. Pro tip, though–if a crazy person reacts in a crazy way over the mildest little thing, you don't blame the mildest little thing. You blame them for being fucking crazy!
    "This just in–some guy killed some other guy. It was later discovered that the victim stole the killer's pizza. This must mean that Pizza Hut is to blame for that man's death!"
    Fuck me. Humans are so damn stupid. Bring orn the nukes.

  3. a 30 year old man played video games for two days nonstop and didn't know his wife died of sudden death epilepsy in her sleep. when she was having a seizure, she called out for him to help but he shut the door and yelled at her for distracting him…she died an hour later in her bed. on the third day the man finally felt sleepy and stopped playing video games. he slept next to his wife and held her….not knowing she was dead. being the retard that he is, he thought she was angry at him and that is why she was not waking up. so he called her mother from another town to come wake her up while he resumed playing video games.
    the mother arrive and felt her daughter's cold dead body and couldn't stop shouting at her son in law. the ambulance arrived and took the body away. the man wasn't charged with anything, but he was retarded for not helping his wife. oh and did I mentioned, this man was my neighbor?

  4. I love gaming as a pastime but hey there are times when you need to do real world shit. Wow what were those people think before they got what was coming.

  5. To sum up: never consider gaming as your top priority as you will "get rekt m8" in real life.

    The best part about making gameplay videos is that it's like an intermediary between a fake and a real world. You're not spending time playing just for yourself but for the others to watch and be entertained. So.. I hope I won't die. Praise Lord Gaben.

  6. You forgot about the poor chap in eve online who killed himself after the urging to do so by a member of the player-developer joint committee and leader of the then largest group of players in the game.

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