10 Recent Science Discoveries That Blew Our Minds

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Welcome to Top10Archive! Science is an ever-expanding field with discoveries being made more frequently than any of us may realize. While some may work …


  1. first one… DUH!!!!! whats so mind blowing about that??? every schoolkid has known that for thousands of years. DUH??????!!!    its pretty obvious! I'm shocked that's even here a 'news' .  that's like being shocked  that bread grows mold when put in a fridge.

  2. All this cyborg flesh tissue and artificial intelligence are great but double edged swords . Soon humans will become obsolete. Cyborgs and robots will gain superior sensory capabilities coupled with superintelligence.

  3. Calm your evolutionary tits guy, they found a bunch of bones in the dirt before their grant money ran out, made a stuffed dummy to make it look humanoid as possible and have yet to confirm it to the 'missing link' . Watch the video itself and not the thumbnail 🙂

  4. "There may come a time when people are more robotic than anything else" hahaha, you living in a cave? Marilyn Manson put it best, the Human race is becoming mechanical animals, I think one of his albums is called that too, he said that ages ago. People will have their shitty "smart" phones embedded in their wrists soon, they can't go anywhere without having one glued to their hands already.

    I love the idea of #4, that could lead to very low energy hologram technology or something, holovid ; )

    #2 and #1 are wicked and go well with each other, really clever. I'm thinking about i, robot with those, like if someone loses a limb in a serious accident or something, he had a very advanced robotic arm, augmentation and he had spray on robotic skin.

  5. Stupid, false, lies, indoctrination, brain washing material here. The Bible is the Infallible, Inerrant, Eternal, Everlasting, Historically accurate,
    Incorruptible, word of the living God.  (KJV)
    NASA, Evolution, Fake spinning ball earth,
    Gravity, Planets, Aliens, Global warming, ALL HOAXEs. Wake
    up sheeple!  God created the Geocentric, Immovable, Stationary, Fixed,
    Flat Earth 6000 years ago as the Bible clearly teaches in  145+ scriptures. 


  6. Top10Archive I believe in God and the Holy Bible and the hints or states that world has only been in space for 6,000 years old u may not think I'm right but I know I am because the world is not 416 million years old

  7. we find dead hominids in caves (some with writting on caves walls) we call these cave men, and think in the distant past man lived in caves.

    i wonder if millions of years from now or evolutionary decendants will find our bones 6 feet under the ground, and think we lived in under ground, or maybe when they find our ashes they will think we were a species made of dust that lived in clay earns

  8. this comment in for any random Christians who've viewed this video. Check out the problem of "transhumanism" watch some videos published by Rob Skiba. You'll find him easy enough if you type his name plus the keyword transhumanism. (unless youtube has removed all traces of him, that is)

  9. Science and religion go hand in hand. science says that the earth is 4 billion years old, religion says that the earth was made in 7 days. Now, let me ask you, how long were Adam and Eve in the garden of eden before they partook of the forbidden fruit? 5mins? 2 weeks? 4.4 billion years?
    Also, the bible says that it wasn't created, the Hebrew word used also meant reorganization. A nebula perhaps? Then goes on to explain the stars were created, than the Earth, then the oceans formed, then life began first listing plants. the bible then list the creation of the animals in the same order that scientists agree with. starting with fish, then beasts, and then fowls of the air. sounds like the order that Evolution or life took according to science.

  10. The ever growing number of scientific advances,paradoxically,will cripple civilization in the end.
    Once effort is no longer necessary, people will be stymied in irresolvable desire,
    creating troubles of ever greater magnitude…

  11. Most of these aren't discoveries, they are IDEAS. All these are are just exactly what we call them, THEORIES. Has anyone ever seen cells with their own eyes and not through microscopes. How do you know microscopes show accurate things when the science we use to back them up is based on unproven ideas and inaccurate equipment. Many people however have seen God and Jesus and the power that they have through out history up until the modern day. Don't just believe things because people claim it's science so it's right.

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