10 Secrets The Trump Family Doesn’t Want You To Know

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  1. I don't like to face people. The way he puts immigrants down. But mother immigrant. Father immigrant. I always wanted to no why trump doesn't help with the shelters. When your son is killing the animals. It does matter if its wildlife or shelter animals

  2. You are far too pleasant. Drumpf was kicked out of German for failure to pay taxes and failure to serve in the military. Drumpf also ran a house of prostitution and sold drugs.

    Facts about the people you cover. Tell all of them are do not even make this modest effort.

  3. This is not the secret of his family. Everyone wants to know just google it. His family document is there to see. Just check the last name they will tell you when that sure name immigrant to U.S.

  4. Hes a complete disgrace!! Vial pig!!!! Hes sexist, abuser, bully, disgusting the way he talked about his daughter at 1yrs old (sexualy)… absolute PIG!!!!!!!… and hes against immigrants lmao…. his family, grandfather (german), mother (Scottish) and trump (PIG)

  5. Is no doubt I like the president very much I think he's very helpful for what he's doing for usa.. but him himself with his parents and grandparents pen immigrants and now his wife is also an immigrant… Why does he choose to try to get rid of immigrants especially those that have been here since 15 years old wrote a very hard all their life of 30 years.. paid into Social Security… And now he wants to just throw them back to their countries I think this is very cruel…. My husband is Filipino he's been here since he was sixteen he started off as a shoe shine boy from many years not just with the public and Lynn Mass but with the Lynn police… He moved himself up to working in the shoe factories… He then became educated and got into dental lab technician… He had worked there for over 30 years… Never got a refund always paid caudalie… And now they just want to throw my husband back to the Philippines… Uncool….. How would he feel if his wife had to go back to her country… I've been married to this man over 27 years… I asked you to please do not try to deport my husband… If anything he's done well for this country… His oldest son was killed in Afghanistan and 204… Ten Years Later his youngest son 28 years old was killed in the city we live in he was also in the army… I don't know what much more you want… But I think he's participated more than his share

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