10 Shameless Celebs Who Lied Straight To Your Face

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  1. I honestly don't care if they lie. They are celebrities, it's a part of their job to lie. I watch and listen to these celebrities for my entertainment and I wouldn't care less if they are secretly shape shifters

  2. Do people really care about these people or the bullshit they spew? I honestly don't understand. Alot of these "lies" are the same lies alot of common folk tell such as age, weight, (some people) the number of partners, yadda, yadda, yadda…. If it doesn't hurt anyone, doesn't effect anything, doesn't commit a crime or aid in a crime what the hell do these things really matter? There are so many more important things to worry about, most involving your own lives that seems far more important than what famous snob lied about being 5 pounds skinnier than they really are. There's plenty positive things in this world that you could be spending time focusing on rather than this crap.

  3. why are we suppose to tell the truth about our lives? who's asking? and who's business is it anyway? who cares about petty things like this silly video how about turning in people abusing their own children and animals? Really?

  4. Zayn didn't lie. He said in an interview that it wasn't him who wrote the apology, it was management. He said that he was upset that they wrote that, because that's not how he felt. Knowing how controlling and manipulative their management is, I completely believe that they wrote that without his consent.

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