10 Trick & Bets You Will Always Win

We’ve already shown you how to win numerous simple bar bets in the past. Of course, if you’re running out of tricks and are having to start actually buying …


  1. There is a much easier way to tear a phonebook in half. All you have to do is hold it like you would normally to tear it, and push together to create a layer of air between the pages. Then apply a force left and right < > (apart) rather than towards you and away from you / /

  2. Oh, wow man looks like you cant tear the phone book in half. Lemme have a go at it I just have to borrow the bars oven and cook it for 40 minutes then ill try k… fair?

  3. I can rip a phonebook in half without baking it. If you bend it into a "v" shape, you can rip it easily… If you think about it, you're really ripping it one page at a time instead of all at once. Just ask the mythbusters.

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