10 UGLY Makeup Trends That Went Viral

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  1. I think most of this stuff is meant to capture an idea and other people's attention. It's like the runway. The clothing isn't meant to be wearable, it just captures an idea and shows off the creativity of the designer. Yes, it still looks wild and stupid for lack of a better word, but down the road, today's girls are going to look back at their photos and wonder why they did their makeup and dress the way they did the same way our mothers did. These beauty gurus and girls with makeup "on point" will realize that they look like drag queens and have on way too much makeup.

  2. I am all about the natural look. I wear no make up at all, but I have to say you got to give it to them; they are very creative and artistic….very talented. However the glitter tongues made me think about how gross that would feel in my mouth, and the chains near the eyes made me sqeemish. Lol.

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