10 Ways You’re Secretly Tricked By Companies

You may not know it but companies are constantly tricking, influencing and deceiving your buying habits as consumers. Basically, there are Shady Ways …


  1. well i remember an experiment of peas and americans chose to take the more green ones not the natural ones which is oposite of what would we in latvia do…in fact we would never pick something looking beautiful and unnatural. we chose natural products.

  2. About downsizing products, I did experience one: one point I compared all the toilet paper brands' lengths and prices, found one was particularly good to buy, so I took a picture with the price so I could buy it more in the future. However, when I look for it again later, I realized the square feet shrunk and the price increased 25 cents… if I wasn't taking notes, I wouldn't even recognize it… smh…

  3. In fairness the technology for storing food has changed drastically since 1938. In 1938 people still used ice-boxes or simply a container with a giant block of ice. Early modern refrigerators had freezers but it wasn't until the widespread use of modern, "frost free" refrigerators that we could even successfully store ice-cream.

    The problem with reducing sizes instead of prices is worse when it is done to real food and you end up with odd sizes. Recipes are based on the traditional sizes that were sold for hundreds of years and not on rip off weights and measures.

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