10 Women Who Are Complete Plastic

10 Women Who Completely Changed After Plastic Surgery Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 …


  1. Omg, Kim Zolciac-Biermann is soooo beautiful, and has a really unique voice, and appears to have a great marriage and family, which is a miracle considering it looks like an alley cat would've been a more loving, selfless mother to her. I'm stunned at the stuff her mother has done, and I've seen mothers jealous because of their daughters success, fame, money, and, as in this case, looks that so far surpass moms that one questions just how often parents really leave with the wrong baby. I'm guessing that her mothers sour disposition is just showing up as a sour face after so many years. Still, I try to remain hopeful that family members will realize what is Truly important while they are alive and can still do Something right. 😉

  2. The narration to this video is terrible. A WOMAN, Asking probably mostly young girls who are still learning who they are and their values of life, which version they think is better and applauding all the body change and that it is glam and giving props to the celebs claiming BODY ALTERATIONS were what was necessary to make someone happier and fulfilled in their life and themselves.

    I am 33 and I remember feeling that I should look like celebs to be deemed glam and beautiful and desirable. If you are a teen, YOUR BODY IMAGE IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR MIND!!!! A real mean who is mature and respectful of women does not desire a woman simply for her beauty and plastic surgery. Looks are of course a factor in attraction but if you cannot hold
    Intelligent conversation and an ability to be a productive member of society your dating pool will be a tank of flounders and goldfish. lol

  3. 16 and pregnant and teen mom STAR?!? Since when is it fine to be classified a STAR or treated like a celebrity because you got preggo at 16?? It gives the impression that its 'cool' to be a mom at 16…

  4. I really don't care what other ppl do to their body or hair because they are the ones who have to wear it. Also vanity is not a good thing. Don't forget those who really need money to eat or have more than a pair of rags to wear and sleep on the dirt floor infested with dangerous bugs and snakes and bats etc. or have no shelter at all to get out of the rain at least where the snakes, dangerous stinging insects and bats are, too.

  5. I could care less who's done what to their bodies and faces, however, most of these chicks looked better before surgery. I wouldn't want any of them for friends, I think they're all really shallow and self centered.

  6. Shame on you dirty celebrity shallow trash who thinks it's okay to make women feel ashamed for having less than Size D-cup boobs, actually for all the brainwashing you all push on young women about what "looks good ", "what's pretty "

  7. the stupidest plastic surgeries are
    Eye "Job"
    Big Lip Plumper

    if you get an eyejob…you look like a fucking alien

    if you get a lip plumper …imagine how is it to kiss with those HUGE ASS lips

    If you get a boobjob you look like you have small bowling ball in your boobs…they just look so fucking HEAVY & not natural

    Ass….same as boob…you look like you're stuffing a bowling ball in your junk & it looks like you're dragging it every single step you take…that's not sexy at all

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