12 Amazing Car Concepts

You won’t believe these incredible futuristic car concepts that huge company’s like Shell, BMW, and Apple created will blow your mind! Subscribe to Talltanic …


  1. I love Pivo and would like buy one. I strongly beleive that Pivo help
    people but alot of Handicap paople that cab really count mobile
    transportation. Pive would literally change the disabled industry. I am
    hearing impaired and sight impaired. This vehicle would great for me
    when I can go any where, especially at night when I cant see well. Pivo
    is for me and everyone too.
    Let get Pivo on the road ASAP and let me
    know when it is availabe. Pivo is one of the best designs ever made and
    should win an award for Fantastic intelligent top notch designs. Like
    Smart cars… Pivio should go out on its own and put these car on the

  2. スケルトンなった車イイね~♪ でももしこんなスケルトンカーに女の子が乗って走ってたら脇見事故が多発しそうだな~♪

  3. I like number 1 at 7:52 it's the only flying car concept that would never get stuck in traffic because u could take off and fly over the traffic with out the need for a runway because it like a helicopter with powered wheels and not like a plane with powered wheels like all the previous flying car concepts.

  4. The A360 was nicknamed "Roomba Car" because it looked so much like the Roomba vacuum. It stayed a concept car-seems no one wanted to drive a car that doubles as a street sweeper, go figure!

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