12 Strangest Environmental Ideas

Is global warming real or fake? Whatever it is, these people came up with the craziest ideas to save the environment. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 7.


  1. I have literally been called a liar by "educated" people regarding the iron solving our green house problems within just a generation. People want there to be no solution. Some people, pathetically love misery. I wish they would all die.

  2. This stupidity is brought to you when Billions in Tax Payer Dollars are Granted down the drain to prove global scamming exists. When was the last time you saw a grant to question global scamming

  3. The reason people embalm is because otherwise they can decay too quickly and have your stomach explode on you,so long as I could be buried quick enough to avoid decay setting in then I wouldn't mind my body decaying naturally in the ground,or being hermetically sealed so I just don't decay at all,that'd freak out the future archaeologists

  4. i bet you he doesnt look at his comments. he could look at all of our comments but he doesnt do it. the bigger youtubers do look at their comments but not all of them.

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