12% to 6% body fat – Face Transformation

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  1. I'm 6'1 and last time I checked I was 230 lbs high body fat (not sure the exact percent) but I have a somewhat chiseled jawline (it's noticeable) so I can't imagine what it would be like at a lower body fat.

  2. You locked like a man on the before picture, and a chick on after picture, yup i'm never going down to single bodyfat digit. Good luck having sex or have energy for that matter

  3. Patrick Bateman starts with: "I live in…My name is Patrick Bateman"
    He first says where he lives.

    So you see how valuable expensive things are for him

  4. In all honesty I think if u changed ur hairstyle u would look more attractive
    If I were u I would go
    2 on the sides and back
    And 5 on top
    And I would get all the chicks

    I have A nice body but my cheeks are so chubby and my face looks horrible
    I just want to lose my face fat sooo bad

  5. When people lose weight they look older in the face. The body looks better, but the face looks worse. Period. Also, losing weight is very important, but it doesn't guarantee you'll be attractive. There are many reasons you can be skinny but still ugly as fuck

  6. Frustrated and impatient, I took a chisel to my face today. 20 pints of blood transfusion later, and after the swelling as gone down enough, i suspect i gonna like the results. fingers crossed.

    oh please excuse any typos, as my entire head is currently wrapped in gauze and I can barely see.

  7. I have 15% body fat and don't have that much muscle mass but thanks to the genetic lottery I have an extremely chiseled jaw line. Even when I went up 22 lbs in body fat during Christmas last year, it was still as sharp as when I was lean. To level the playing field, nature made me a really slow muscle gainer.

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