18 Genetically Modified Organisms You Don’t Know About

From Glow in the Dark Rabbit to Anti-Cancer Purple Tomatoes here are 18 Genetically Modified Organisms You Don’t Know About Subscribe to Talltanic …


  1. "Take the florescent gene out of a jellyfish, put it in gold, and then stick it in a seahorse to make a gold sparkling seahorse." Yep, because that's how genes work…

  2. So reducing bacteria in cows stomachs that digest the food…so they won't digest at good as they used to? (so less nutrients and worse manure?), brilliant…

  3. Poor Rabbits, Cats, Dogs, Goats, Monkeys, Horses Mice, Pigs… that are being tested on. It's so useless. RIP little friends and God be with those still suffering..

  4. What world has come to?

    Science is great, but going extra-extra-extra… steps will degrade the quality life of any living being.

    Chicken: so sad, no feather for bugs to not bite it.

    Pigs: no value for its organs, since the GREAT HUMANS needs them. SINCE every single HUMANS MUST LIVE to make the EARTH filthy.

  5. You made cows fart less…AND be less capable of even digesting the grass they're eating. Grats, you've designed digestive deficient cows. They probably get heartburn and the kinda shit that happens when humans don't have enough gut bacteria.

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