3 Reasons You Should NOT do “Intermittent Fasting”

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  1. Just starred intermittent fasting today and I'm a diabetic. Praying that I loose weight, gain muscle, heighten memory and spiritual growth. This is not the first video I've seen on this but I respect your view on why you should or shouldn't do it. You truly gotta want better 4 your life and Im going to put my all into this along with eating better and exercise!

  2. I have some fat to lose and perhaps some muscle to gain after that, so I started watching videos like this one, as of late, and I have to say:
    Thank you to the guys that make these vids, but…

    …they are boring as hell!!! In other words:

    Dear Lord, you go on and on and on and on for no apparent reason at all. You're just following the same style, without really thinking about it.
    This did NOT have to be a 7 minute video. At all.
    And I don't mean just you Brandon. It's every single one of you guys.
    For some reason you feel that you have to make these boring ass intros and throw little didactic stories about your past life, here and there, just to show an abs exercise.
    I think you would gain a lot if you went straight to the point. Most of the time that is.
    Just my opinion though.

  3. So, you can actually do a proper bulk if I got regular metabolism? I mean, My metabolism is kind of slow, but doing IF I got from 87 kilos to 69 (on a cut) and now I'm doing a research in order to see if I can bulk doing IF. I do get fat when finish eating all my calories surplus and I'm feeling I'm lifting a little bit more.

  4. I am mainly focused on building strength but I still want to look good , I'm somewhere around 16% body fat. If I used intermittent fasting to get down to say 12% or 13% just to see my abs, would that affect my performance at all or would I gain it all back when I go back to normal?

  5. this dudes a hypocrite lmfao, it's like vegans, people think (probably like this guy) that vegans can't gain muscle etc. lmao when there's PLENTY of people that can…they're actually plants out there with the same if not more protein in them then a burger….btw he also said "intermittent Fasting isn't for everyone" well neither is what you do lmao? I do intermittent fasting, I lift heavy only 3 days a week & do calisthenics the rest & I've gained muscle. Everyone is different, like for me it's easy to gain muscle which is fuckin weird cause I have a fast metabolism lol but in school I was skinny & now I weigh about 135-140 & can max my bench at 185-190 lmao that's about 50-60 pounds more then my own weight lol & in school I used to only be able to do 15-20 pullups, now I can do 50-60 consecutively & can do 1 armed push ups & can do 70 pushups straight. OBVIOUSLY, "I.F" isn't for everyone, everything that people say on youtube isn't for everyone, weight lifting isn't for everyone, like for me if I bench alot my right shoulder will just give out, idk why but I have to avoid that for now & get the strength back in that shoulder but yea, Alot of shit isn't for everyone, so stop sitting here acting like yours is lmao that goes for every person that thinks their shit works for everyone lol

  6. So you're saying Intermittent fasting isn't the best solution for ectomorphs ? There is enough science behind IF and HGH secretion so it is certainly beneficial for any body type. However it DOES decrease insulin which a ectomorph would benefit from for growth so yeah you are right.

    IF for a not so lean endomorph would be ideal IMHO or even an athlete wanting to maintain. Maintenance calories on IF program should be fine, right? HGH stays high = Good thing

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