30 Day – 400 Reps A Day Challenge! | BUILD UNBELIEVABLE 6 PACK ABS!!

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  1. I've been doing this challenge for the month of September. So I'm 20 days in, with today being day 21. Came back to the video to look at V-Up form, since I'm under 24 minutes with doing Knees To Chest reps in their place and want to replace them, and I noticed that the way I'm doing the other two exercises is way more intensive than how Scott's doing them. He's keeping his entire lower back on the ground for the crunches, and only requiring his fingertips to be over his knees – I'm only calling it a valid rep if my palms are over my kneecaps, which requires part of my lower back to leave the mat. And for the vacuums, I'm doing the first five with my legs out straight, which makes the first five way harder than having your knees bent. I guess that makes my sub-24 time yesterday even more impressive. I could probably cut several minutes off that if I adjusted to the same form Scott's using in the video, but then where would the fun in that be? Harder reps means more gains, right?

    I'll be replacing the Knees To Chest reps with V-Ups starting today, so I expect my time to go back up significantly. Hopefully I'll be able to bring it back down to around 25 before the month is over. Thank you for this challenge, Scott. My abs are definitely much stronger today than they were when I started, and I'm only 2/3 of the way through. I can't wait to put the before and after pictures side by side and see how my midsection has changed.

  2. Thank you so much! Great exercises! May I PLEASE have your recommendation on how I can make my calf muscle smaller ? I'm woman and I don't want to have huge calf! Thank you again!

  3. Well from what I've found form a lot of research is that some people have fat on top or beneath their abs so they cant show, and some people can try and lose as much body fat as healthilly possible and stil not lose their belly fat

  4. ScottHermanFitness when I do the normal V-up it's still hard for me to do because I'm barely getting started on it is there anything else I can besides the V-up and reps I should do for it

  5. i never had abs or a strong core in my life pretty strong all over with compound lifts so im going to include this in my home workouts and try everyday… looks very official my brother keep it up

  6. so every day do this workout? but i thought you had to rest for growth? Also is there no point doing this workout if i can only just make out my top abs whilst tensed? Do i still need to drop more weight?

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