4 Huge Plot Holes In Captain America: Civil War

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  1. Even after all this time, this horrible movie annoys me; moreso than the asstastic Avengers 2 (because that is, at least, supposed to be an ensemble film). Captain America 1 and 2 were the greatest in the entire MCU, then they copped out and made Avengers 3 into Captain America 3; and it was a poorly cobbled together series of plot holes and bad writing.

    The fact that these awful writers have jobs, and even have had the audacity to go on strike multiple times, while tens of thousands of actually competent people never get a chance in the industry…just PISSES-ME-OFF.

  2. of corse Ross doesn't mention that not having the Avengers would've just been worse. the mere fact that they get involved means they get blamed regardless. same reason Superman was on trial in BvS

    but yeah, Zemo's plan worked from coincidence and stupidity alone

  3. This whole movie's plot is built upon paper thin excuses and stupidity. It wouldn't stand even in a slight breeze. I really don't get how anybody can like this movie.

  4. the only two plot holes were did that fine scarlett witch and vision sex it up while she was on house arrest and why would black panther care to help either bucky or cap to risk the safety of Wakanda?

  5. If you ask me the bomb in the marketplace and the antagonist were likely all just orchestrated by the UN/US. Likely government intelligence points to a prototype explosive in an abandoned building next to a bustling city. Bad guy is able to simply walk in to heavily guarded government buildings and it wouldn't be too hard for the UN to have the knowledge of the other super soldier project. Not to mention compared to previous events it is suddenly blown completely out of proportion. All this and the only one that really benefits is the UN who would likely end up with a squad of one-man armies on leashes. Also there likely wasn't even a camera in the middle of no-where, It wouldn't be too hard to fake a video, especially at such a low quality especially with the best technology available.

  6. "Where are The Avengers?" is fast becoming one of the most boring questions in the Marvel Expanded Universe. It's even starting to come up in the individual films, as if all the heroes are on fast-dial, ready to hop into the fray at a moment's notice. The simple answer is that just because you have an expanded universe, doesn't mean the characters are always on hand and always teaming up. I have a couple dozen friends. It would be great if they were all always on hand whenever I encounter something like a barfight, but the fact remains that sometimes THEY'RE DOING OTHER STUFF!!!

  7. Zemo's plan is the most flawed plan in Hollywood movies I've ever seen

    -First of all how did he even know about Bucky killing the Starks? Maybe he learned when he read Natasha's document but if that was the case would have Tony known by then that his parents were assassinated since their would be no reason to keep it as a secret?
    -Also how did he find the book? If this was in Natasha's files it would have been found by Shield, the Avengers or the government long before this movie so how did he find out about it.
    -If he found out about both the book's existence and the Bucky incident then I'm surprised nothing led him to the Siberian Hydra Lair earlier
    -If he knew about Bucky killing the Starks why did he have to go through all that trouble to get Tony to see a video. He could have easily told him or he could have sent the video and make the plan less complicated.
    -How did the Avengers and Zemo find Bucky? In the movie they said they couldn't find him.
    -Zemo's plan would have easily been ruined if Bucky was killed while he was running away or after he was on a rampage after his arrest.
    -The split within the Avengers only happened because of the Sokovia Accords.
    -His plan would have been pointless if during the airport scene Tony or Steve or anyone else died
    -When in Vienna his plans would have been ruined if Bucky covered his ears or he was stopped earlier.

  8. The government hypocritically trying to account the avengers is actually very believable.

    What if the government knows of the prevented worse scenarios in collateral damage AND knows they once tried to nuke manhattan, also not to mention Ross shushing about the Hulk fight in Harlem?!

    It's believable because it could mean the government is sugar coating it's real agenda with the accords, which is the government containing or eliminating powerful independent individuals out of it's control.

  9. How is the people not bringing up a point a plot hole? Same with, as mentioned in previous comments, the fact that Zemo got stark to come to siberia via killing that guy and having that room service lady find him. Also vision couldn't have been there because one: Cooking lessons, two: other mission, three: some sort of updating or whatever. Also, Zemo is a genius and not all of his plans relied on the accords. In fact, he was probably waiting for something like what happened in Africa to happen, so he could start his plans. So, none of these plot holes really work.

  10. And also a problem with the movie is that they have a long fight against each other to get a jet. Like for gosh sake, that airport is the only place with planes in the world. And how would stark know that they would be at that exact airport. They probably just did this whole scene so fans wouldn't get angry and complain 'There isn't enough fighting!' or something like that.

  11. What is really stupid about zemos plan is that it literally doesn't work if the accords don't happen. I'm not even talking about all the crazy coincidences or the stupidity of the government. (Seriously you hire a therapist for the most dangerous man on the planet and don't know what he looks like). Zemo is trying to get iron man to hate cap. But if the accords aren't there then the rest of the avengers won't be affected at all.

  12. i believe vision wasn't there because if u remember at the beginning of that mission the team was in covert ops, undercover whatever u wanna say, they weren't trying to make their presence known and if you have a red and yellow android walking around no matter what it would cause a scene and cross bones would know the team was there

  13. You know what's a real problem with this movie. Why is there camera footage of the winter soldier killing Howard Stark? It's a random place to put a camera and that's what gets tony to fight captain America in the end (even if Cap's love letter to tony fixes everything in the end)

  14. For point #2…it doesn't matter that the Avengers saved more lives by their presence. Most people don't think like that – they just see that the avengers did end up causing destruction and death, and people are afraid.

    That's the whole reason for the accords – people are afraid of what they've done, regardless of how much they've saved.

  15. That "it could've been worse without them" thing isn't a plothole. The point is that the people are stupid and just want to blame the new superheroes for anything they do wrong.

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