6 INGREDIENT Kimchi Fried Rice!

This 6 ingredient Korean rice supper is a real treat garnished with toasted sesame seeds, strips of nori seaweed and the addition of a fried egg, plopped on top.


  1. Looks delish! I'd love to try making this version! Never thought about adding sriracha sauce before.
    I usually cook it with butter (and sometimes spam), which makes it so much more unhealthy 😛

  2. I die when I see ferments cooked. Much like how the heat kills the probiotics. I do a pickled Napa cabbage and use the sediment from my fermented kimchi to get the kimchi flavor instead.

  3. Ah I wish my parents would hurry up and let me learn how to hold my spoon. If I started baking as much as I've watched baking videos, I'd be Donal Skehan by now!!!

  4. just a PSA for everybody: personally ive found store bought kimchi to be pretty hit-or-miss. there's a variety by "tom yum" i think which i recommend people avoid (tho, this is all subjective). if you have a hanareum or hannam supermarket in your area, it's good to get one from a korean market that comes in a big jar with a red lid. however, most people aren't eating that much kimchi, so maybe you cannot buy it, but i think that variety is the best.

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