7 Actors Who Were Actually Happy To Be Killed Off

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  1. I find it hypocritical that he quit when they mocked his religion, south park has always mocked religion as a whole, find it funny he can sit it and take all they mock but the instance they do a Scientology he quits.
    Like its his choice, his opinion and all that.

    But i hate people that dont understand that its healthy to see things from a comedic perspective.
    If i cant take you joking about my religion, i shouldn't tolerate you joking about another dudes religion.
    Either everything can be laughed at or nothing can. If not its kindergarten logic, which sadly is to see in most human adults.
    Oh yeah my religion amongst the 1000s just so happen to be the right one, oh i can make jokes at you but you cant do it towards me.

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