8 Movie Sequels You Didn’t Know Were Happening

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  1. I kinda wish they would leave some things alone. I would prefer to see a good original film than an average sequel, spinoff or remake. That being said I will be looking forward to the craft spinoff. And hoping for a good sequel to get out.

  2. What made Labyrinth / Dark Crystal great were the puppets, Jim Henson and not being scared to use dark humour and characters. In todays politically correct world its not going to work and all the characters will be CGI so the film studio can save a ton of money 🙁

  3. nope. you don't remake, you don't reboot, you don't sequel timeless movies. this is how dreams die.

    The Craft
    Made in America

    these movies should be left alone. i could rattle of a hundred other movies but they're not on this list so i wont bother.

    i get it. Looper subscribers are children or idiotic slobs who think anything that isn't an original thought is just amazing. anybody under 30 over 20 reading this will know we caught the very last dregs of unique movie magic, and now everything is either a sequel, a reboot, a spin off tv series, a spin off movie, a spin off game (card game, board game, video game… all the games) or a remake of what we grew up with while anybody over 30 is seeing everything happen twice while recalling their youth being happy to remember a time where life wasn't all about responsibility or working.

    i want to see a new movie which blows me away. i want to see something never done before.

    earlier today my mam was watching movie on a tv channel, i caught maybe 30 seconds of it before adverts rolled on. i was given 2 small bits of information, one was a mysterious man had been abducted and the other was his wife had been killed. i instantly iterated the plot of the movie i had never seen. having ruined it, she wasn't happy to expect the events of the movie.

    when was the last time you watched something and didn't say to yourself "here comes …." or something to that effect. this isn't because you're super smart. it's because of the same story arc being retold every fucking year.

    random beginning > titles > main character > event involving main character > bleak prediction from the characters in the movie > obligatory downfall of either fake villain or main character > sudden realisation of anything > ending, maybe not to sweet but pretty much an ending… often hinting at possible obligatory sequels.

    look. i came here to complain. sequels are shitty, especially when those sequels are of cult classics and have some deeper connection to our upbringing.

    Clerks was a great artistic movie. a sequel was made because everybody enjoyed the attitudes and dynamics of the characters. the plot wasn't why people watched. Red State had me guessing a little bit. labyrinth was full of insane characters who each deserve their own reward for creative design and puppeteering. even the smallest character roles had more inventive creation than most movies today, one of the moments i enjoy is when sarah is navigating the labyrinth and the floor creatures are flipping tiles and rotating them to piss her off.

    when Taxi was released, it wasn't so easy to know what you was watching until you was in the theatre watching it. now-a-days we can be told every single detail months in advance creating giant pockets of spoiler time which many people spend avoiding certain topics because the details are so easily discovered. in the early 2000's i watched an unedited badly pirated copy of Hellboy, 3 years before it was released. when i first saw it, nobody knew what it was i was talking about. the internet didn't spoil things back then. it was still relatively new. mid 2000's i got a pirated copy of Wolverine Origins without any of the post production CGI effects so all the CGI was just wireframe meshes. from Logan jumping into the helicopter or the power plant falling because of silent deadpool, it was all wireframe and nothing else. my point being: redoing the same shit leaves no room for ingenuity. it leaves no space for fantastical ideas. trapping yourself in a universe where it was originally physical special effects while being highly likely to use CGI in the new iteration leaves no enjoyment to be had.

    The Craft did plenty of things right. i was dark, it was gritty, it was funny, it was one of the best gothic themed movies i've seen (next to almost anything by Tim Burton). flying people was gripping. sudden snakes was terrifying. bugs and insects running around was creepy.

    The Lost Boys did it right too. there was more than enough left to the imagination for it to be believed…. it didn't even have a realistic budget, but you wouldn't be able to tell because it was made brilliantly.

    can you imagine a remake of A Nightmare before Christmas?
    what about a remake of The Others?

    these movies did something different. they brought a new concept into the fold while being honest with the delivery. to say any of them need anything more added to them is to say they are not already good enough on their own merit. i'm not pissed off because of the fact they're being extended, remade or getting a sequel. i'm pissed off because nobody has a fresh idea nor do they have the balls to go ahead and make something special. they need a name to ride on because they know they're shit at their job.

    i have the same attitude toward musicians who "cover" songs. there is no skill in doing a cover. there is nothing new. there is no need to listen to the cover if it was already that good to begin with. sure there are some covers out there which have a profound effect over the original….. but the original is what gave it power. i make it a point to listen to original music. if i hear a song and find out it's not originally where i heard it first, i will go out of my way to hear the original and 90% of the time, i stick to the original. the other 10% is probably a whimsical reason or a jovial one. when i perform on stage. i do what i can of my own material. there's a reason comedians don't want their jokes told without consent and it's because they want to hold onto what they made. musicians and comedians are one in the same. they create, they invent, they destroy and rebuild…. the movie industry does not rebuild nor does it invent or create. all the movie industry does is destroy. the creatives that once were the top of the class have been rebranded and overthrown due to licensing laws and other bullshit about paying for the right to an idea. can you imagine a remake of star wars? i mean a re make. sequels of star wars are neccessary. the story hasn't finished by episode 6, it's entirely one sided and the rule of the galaxy is to balance the force. the end of Jedi isn't balanced at all. 7, 8 and 9 are needed. the shit between like rogue one and han solo are total bollocks. at least those between movies accurately title themselves "a star wars story". Star Wars is a series of films focused on Skywalkers and it always has been.

    am i alone or is the movie industry actively destroying the giants on which it stands?

    oh and learning about a new T2 is upsetting. i don't know how you can top a Mr. Universe robotic killing machine saying "i know now why you cry" and then melting itself to save the human it was originally programmed to kill.

    remake Turbo. that movie was shit. remake Cars 2. remake fucking Ice Age 7 (i don't know how many there is but i think 7 is about right). remake Jurassic World. remake Prometheus and give it a recognisable title this time.

    please don't remake clint eastwoods westerns. don't touch Back To The Future. remake "revenge of the KILLER TOMATOES" that was a good one for its time. remake airplane 2 because that one sucked nuts. leave mel brooks' films alone. don't touch Titanic. stay away from Footloose, and don't redo Pulp Fiction or any of Tarantino's films. don't go near Del Toro flicks. i'm writing this now because i know it's too late. we're watching a beloved agent in our adolescence bleeding out and it's dying fast. soon it will be too hard to even watch any more. oh and don't remake Bloodsport, double impact, Cyborg, Kickboxer. all these movies i'm mentioning are movies you should watch if you're reading this. Tango and Cash. Lock Up (stallone), Overboard, Rocky Horror Picture Show (Curry)…. these movies are like a rite of passage for anybody who likes good movies with half decent actors. Look Who's Talking (ignore the sequels… maybe watch Look Who's Talking Too), Die Hard (again…. sucky sequels…. maybe watch the second). i can promise you, these movies were once either original or engaging for the audience. that and the music was better back then. the only reason i watched Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 was because the music kept my interest, the stories were easily predictable for me.

    sounds like a you problem. improve your fucking attention span.

  4. i am so not happy about a sequel to labyrinth :/
    i started crying when y'all mentioned it cause it's one of my favorite movies. :/
    they should leave it alone along with the craft (although i have never watched but i've heard good things about it).

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