Amazing Online Magazines That Will Entertain You For Hours

Mock News for Cool Dudes

The Onion

The Onion is a mock news site that combines witty humor with a love of news to create a website full of fake headlines that will make you laugh out loud. Some people have even confused the website for a real newspaper, but it’s just for laughs. So if you’re a fan of satirical content and unconventional news delivery, then you need to be reading the Onion regularly.

Visit The Onion here


UK’s Magazine for Men


If you’re a guy that loves women, funny stuff, and all around just being a guy, then you’ve got to get over to FHM. It’s the top men’s magazine in the UK, and is constantly updated. There’s no shortage of lovely looking ladies on the site, which can’t hurt when you’re trying to spend a little time reading.

Visit FHM here


Lifestyle Magazine for Men


Maxim is known all around the world for it’s steamy photo shoots of the hottest babes. It’s considered one of the top men’s lifestyle magazines out on the market right now.  It is that perfect blend of girls, entertainment, humor and sports news. And the magazine is completely available online and in print.

Visit Maxim here


Tips on How to Be a Better Man


AskMen, a magazine started back in the late 90s, has earned a reputation as a go-to source of information for men that want to improve themselves – whether it’s their style, dating life or habits. The magazine is online, and will offer you guys solid advice on dating, romance, celebrity news and health, along with some style tips as well.

Visit AskMen here


Gawk at the Latest Entertainment News


Gawker is the place to go if you want to read about the latest word on entertainment and pop culture. They’re known for getting the inside scoop, and for having stories that no one else does about celebrities. They’ve become well known for having the most updated content, so whether it’s a celebrity engagement, or something more unsavory, you’ll have access to it first.

Visit Gawker here


Keep Updated with Bro Bible


Proud of your bro status? Then you need to be getting information from the Bro Bible. It’s considered one of the best places for bros to get the latest entertainment information, trends and share your stories with other bros. The bro community is strong here, and it’s comforting to be with like minded guys. It’s also a way to meet up with others for events.

Visit BroBible here


Let Your Inner Geek Out


Geek’s website is the best place for those that need to have the latest technology news online. They’ve been around since 1996, and have a fantastic reputation for providing the updates on technology news, reviews on hardware and software, along with features and buying guides. It’s an all in one spot for what you need to know when purchasing, and maintaining, your most beloved technology.

Visit Geek here


Quirky Tech Site


If you’re a bit quirky, and you love knowing the newest updates on technology, then you and Gizmodo may be a good fit. They’re an established design and technology blog on the web, constantly publishing stories and updates to keep you in the know. The website is actually part of the Gawker media network – a network of websites with great and entertaining information.

Visit Gizmodo here


Comics to Induce Belly Laughs

The Oatmeal

This website has hysterical comic strips and quizzes about almost everything. Whether it’s a clip on the mantis shrimp and its magical powers, or a manifesto on all of the terrible and wonderful reasons that The Oatmeal creator runs long distances, this website is a great place to spend time if you’re looking for fully belly laughs and tears of joy. Or, if you just want to find out the way to pet your cat without being mauled.

Visit The Oatmeal here

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