Are Eggs Bad? Do They Cause High Cholesterol or Herpes? The TRUTH

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  3. I cut out eggs and dropped my total cholesterol 50 points, down from 199. Already had dropped red meat and chicken, so only fish and eggs were left. Now only plant-based foods. Zero animal products. Do the research as ultimately the choices that you make will either make you sick and die an early death or thrive and live longer. Remember, the egg industry puts out wrong information, so don't look at just one study, see who paid for it and look at the overall picture. As stated elsewhere in the comments nutritionfacts.org is my go-to for science, not opinions. Educate yourself and grow stronger – and smarter.

  4. This is tempting to believe (the study on cholesterol intake), but Vegan Gains did an explanation on the flaw of this study's method. The participants already had high cholesterol levels, and since blood cholesterol does not increase on a linear function of dietary intake, but rather spikes at the beginning and decelerates, there was a very small recorded increase in cholesterol from eating eggs. I recommend watching Vegan Gains. He seems genuinely interested in the deep science behind nutrition. It's just a shame that there's so much confusing data about health out there, because nobody really knows what's good for you.

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  6. k i wanted to see this cos i had issues with mouth blisters after Scrambled EGGs on multiple occasions and chicken also. but i am trying to get good Cholesterol levels cos I've got a very poor metabolism i'm hitting up a lot of omega 3 oil now and my skins cleaning up from being all dry but i'm starting to get back acne again which i ain't had for a decade now. X3 i need broccoli, i think i have a Gluten problem. but you didn't say anything about HSV type virus

  7. Goodshit. All stress adapting hormones, sex hormones, and Human Growth Hormones are all 99% by weight CHOLESTEROL. That's why one who is put on a statin drug for lowing cholesterol and lowering dietary Intake of cholesterol have to be put on VIAGRA lol

  8. I eat around 6-12 a day. Lots of energy and libido. There is no drug to increase HDL they only have statins that lower LDL. But guess what increases HDL, niacin. Guess whats loaded in eggs in the yolk portion, niacin.

    Eggs are power food, don't be afraid of them πŸ™‚ A cake or processed food is far worse than 12 eggs a day. Olive oil, corn oil etc… oxidize and go rancid and when you eat these oils for years we wonder how plaque developed in our hearts. Please buy pure coconut oil; it is resist to high heat and will not oxidize.

    Another thing, saturated fats increase HDL, as well. But let the government tell us its bad for you while the senator has a juicy bison steak. LOL

    Also I am in the medical field, all I can say is they are F**King idiots and most just want a fat paycheck, car, house etc.. . Same crap as any other profession, but a lot more cut-throat. Avoid medicine related careers at all cost, think positive, enjoy your life, enjoy the meat/eggs and train hard πŸ™‚ Best of luck to ALL who read my post. I love patient teaching which we rarely do in medicine, but we sure do bill correctly $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  9. What a bunch of garbage. Don't listen to this idiot. Dietary cholesterol is absorbed by the body. Plus you don't want to eat large amounts of protein, especially animal protein! Your body can't store the excess protein your body doesn't use so it is hard on the kidneys! Stay away from this guys nutritional advice!!!

  10. Hello, Omarlsuf! I was wondering if you could do a follow up video reacting to a lot of vegans making new claims that there is proof that eggs are still bad for you? People like, Vegan Gains, though he's a bit extreme to say the least, makes a few good points about the negative sides of eggs. I'm really tired of this debate around eggs, so please help put an end to this. Happy gaining!

  11. The American Heart Association says the healthy limit for cholesterol is 300mg. Eggs have 200mg of cholesterol each. Your advocating a diet of 466% more cholesterol than is safe and that's if you eat absolutely no other animal products during the day. Broscience at it's finest right here.

  12. Lololol
    Wait.. Did this study just compare eggs to CORN OIL AND A HEAVY ASS STEAK!!! Lolololol. Dude.. Stick to working out. Do not give dietary advice. Especially from studies paid for by meat, dairy or egg industry. Lord… Bro science

  13. Lololol
    Wait.. Did this study just compare eggs to CORN OIL AND A HEAVY ASS STEAK!!! Lolololol. Dude.. Stick to working out. Do not give dietary advice. Especially from studies paid for by meat, dairy or egg industry. Lord… Bro science

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