Are You a MAN or a BITCH?

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  1. impressive, effective (motivation) speech.Thank you Brandon to share your vision. I hope you will be back as soon as possible.
    ur bro from France, Europe, North Africa.
    ps: can you give us news about Brandon, how is it ? good ? free ?
    I really hope

  2. thanks dude i remember you but you was crazy lol and funny where every you go now look i see you on youtube you definitely puting in the work the only way i know it was you was that laugh only you lol great jod dude

  3. llcool j inspired me also love him great man he really has accomplished everthing we want to reach his level ll cool j never give up still looks amzing he workout with my uncle then he just pop again now living in Hollywood mansion still come to the hood people love him cause he still humble

  4. Sorry I didn't listen to the whole video before making a comment, so I should learn from Donald trump, and beat the odds, not by complaining about him, get rid of that hate, and continue with my life, and figure my obstacles, and not pay attention to someone that makes me up set, roll with the punches. I guess as your words, you want someone to look at that makes you mad, who is better than you and work to be better than him, so I guess it was good that he became president, cause it will make me stronger by learning his strengths and duplicating them

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