Awesome Streaming Websites to Binge Watch TV & Movies All Day Long



Streaming Site for Your Entertainment

For only $8 to $16 a month, depending on the plan you select, you can get access to so many different movies and shows, streaming live to your phone, tablet or computer. Netflix has become well known over the years for pioneering a new kind of entertainment viewing. And now that they’re creating their own original show and content, they’re a great investment to help you save, while still providing tons of entertainment value.

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Latest TV Shows and Movies on Demand

Hulu is a streaming service that is known for providing the latest TV show episodes for all of your favorite shows. In addition to their TV offerings, Hulu also has a huge selection of movies that you can stream and watch from your home. You’ll have to sit through some commercials, but the picture quality is extremely high, and the buffering speeds make this streaming site stand out.

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Popcorn Time

Free and Fast Entertainment Streaming

If you want to get your entertainment fix, but don’t want to get stuck paying for it, then you need to use Popcorn Time. It’s a streaming site that allows you to torrent entertainment content for free – without downloading. You’ll be able to watch all of your shows and movies in HD quality, and even with subtitles on your Windows, Linux, Mac and Android devices.

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HBO You Love on the Go

Do you love the interesting and exciting lineup HBO has to offer on their channel? If you start using the HBO GO package, you’ll get all of the shows and movies you like to watch from HBO’s line up, but you’ll constantly have instant and unlimited streaming access. Whether you’re on your phone, laptop or tablet, you’ll never be far from your favorite entertainment.

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A Streamer’s Dream

Do you enjoy streaming all of your favorite video and audio, but hate low quality and long loading times? Then go check out Cloudload. The site allows you to create an account where you can download and store all your files. They currently support 25 file types, and will even scan your streamed content, to see if there are any viruses present. And as an added bonus, you can download content at a speed of up to 10Gbps, so you’re not wasting time!

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A New Streaming Service

Vudu is the new kid on the streaming block, competing with the offerings from Netflix and Hulu Plus. Owned by Wal-Mart, Vudu offers you an affordable entertainment streaming options, where you can download all of the newest shows and movies. One huge benefit this site offers is, that it allows you to access a DVD the day it’s released – no more waiting for it to be available for streaming! Also, there aren’t any subscriptions or late fees.

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New Street for Blockbuster

While you may be used to the traditional Blockbuster, that would rent out movies and shows from their physical locations, now they’ve gotten with the times and are offering instant video streaming services. With the Blockbuster site, you’ll have access to thousands of titles, including new releases. You can even use their free app to stream your rentals and content to your favorite electronic devices.

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Epix HD


Big Movies for Big Fun

If you want a movie channel that will always have the biggest and best movie releases, then you need to start using epix HD. All of the major motion picture companies – Lionsgate, MGM and more are taking all of their best movies and programming and are making available for your streaming pleasure on the Epix site. They’re also all in HD format, so you don’t have to skimp on quality picture viewing – even with the classic films.

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Google Play

Google Play

Streaming for your Android

Do you want to download movies, shows, games and apps on to your Android devices with ease? While a lot of platforms are geared towards Mac products, Google Play is exclusively for Android devices and digital media – for an affordable price. In order to take advantage of their screening, you need to make sure that you have an active Google Account, and a working Android device.

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