Awesome Websites to Kill your time

For those that enjoy a good meme or two, this is the best site for you. They’ve got every meme you can possibly imagine, and with the constant update of the funniest content, you’ll have something to chuckle about. They also have features articles about news and celebrities, and the memes can even be sorted by category can you find exactly what you want to see.

Inspiring Videos and Articles


Upworthy is a compilation of inspiring videos, articles and infographics, all combined into one website. They’re known as a catalyst for many causes, and they post a lot of politically and human interest generated content. Be ready to be inspired to go out there and change the world after you watch a few of the videos there.

Visit UpWorthy here


Funnies and Fails of Facebook


Lamebook is a blog that aims to share all of the wackiness, funniness and ridiculousness that people post on Facebook every day. Everyone has those friends that post really out there stuff, and this is the blog to see it all. All of the content is user submitted, so you know you’re going to see stuff from Facebook from all over the place. Let the laughter ensue.

Visit LameBook here


Autocorrect Fails for Viewing


Damn You Autocorrect is a website that documents the funniest autocorrect fails from smart phone conversations. All it takes is one slip of your finger, and before you know it, the text you sent asking for bread turns into something a lot more rated R. When you’ve got some free time and want a good laugh, this is a good way to get that, and also cringe about all the times you’ve had autocorrect fails yourself.

Visit DamnYouAutocorrect here


Kill Some Time and Laugh


The KillSomeTime website has been around for your viewing pleasure since 2005. They’ve got a huge catalog of videos for your enjoyment including prank vieos, fail videos and everyone’s favorite – funny animal videos. Additionally, they also have a photo archive for you to check out and a bunch of different games that you can play to stave off boredom. Essentially, this site is an all inclusive way to keep yourself entertained.

Visit Killsometime here


Stave Off Boredom


Like the name implies, the Bored website is meant for those that are feeling a little unentertained – those with some extra time on their hands. This site has a lot of content that is meant to keep you engaged, including articles, videos and more. There are memes, fails, celebrity news. This website is pretty much everything you could possibly imagine to keep you entertained.

Visit Bored here



Endless Feed of Content


Tumblr is a wide open sharing community, where you can register and look through feeds based on your interest. The community is constantly generating memes, photos, videos and discussion, and because there’s so much out there you’ll never be bored. Whether you’re into lazy cats or activism, there are Tumblr feeds you can look at whenever you want, to see awesome content.

Visit Tumblr here


Millions Enjoy this Social Networking Site

Facebook website

Facebook is considered one of the top social networking sites, and millions of people all around the world use it to post photos, chat and keep in touch with their friends, love dones, and former college roommates. They have a newsfeed of constantly generating content from your Facebook friends, so you can stay in tune with what’s going on in your social circle. Or, look at videos of kittens and babies.

Visit Facebook here

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