Awesomely Funny Websites to Kill Your Time

TheChive – Photo Entertainment for Laughs


This website is based around photo entertainment, and allows users to post photos under different categories. With many memes and funny photos, this website is the best place to go for the latest pop culture references, or when you just need a good laugh.

Visit TheChive here


Cracked – Funny Videos to Crack You Up


In the mood for a good laugh? Then check out this website. It’s full of so many funny videos, photos and articles, that you’ll never get bored. They’ve been providing funny content for 50 years, and show no sign of slowing down.

Visit Cracked here


CollegeHumor – Some of the Best Comedy on the Web


If you want comedy, then this is the best site to find it. They are constantly creating original content and funny videos about recent events and cultural topics of the time. Known for pairing up with celebrities, the site is guaranteed to make you smile and laugh at least once.

Visit CollegeHumor here


JakeandAmir – Best of Friends on Funny Adventures


This web video series depicts two co-workers and semi (?) best friends that work and live together, while filming their funny exploits. This duo is definitely worth further viewing if you enjoy wacky and dysfunctional relationships and all of the trouble that these two get into.

Visit JakeandAmir here


Ebaumsworld – Classic Funnies and Fails


Check out the entire hilarious compilation of videos, epic fails, funny photos, zany links and interactive contests. By creating a profile, you’ll be joining a community with a sense of humor, generating content that will bring the right kind of tears to your eyes.

Visit Ebaumsworld here


Quickmeme – Memes and Laughs


Want a few hours of fun and entertainment? Then check out this site. It’s the absolute best place to find the newest memes, and even the classic ones, with captions that will make you giggle. It’s been known to generate some of the funniest photos on the Internet.

Visit Quickmeme here


Cheezburger – Can I Haz Cheeseburger?


One of the most popular sites on the web, this site’s claim to fame originates with the lolcat photos and funny photo captions that will make you laugh out loud. So the next time you’re searching for funny photos of cats, you know where to look.

Visit Cheezburger here


Funny or Die – Do You Want to Laugh?


Do you want to laugh until you pee yourself? Yes, you do. This web site is known for generating the funniest video clips, photos and articles on the Internet. So check it out, and try not to fall on the fall in a fit of laughter.

Visit Funny or Die here


I am bored – Are You Bored?


Are you bored right now? Feel like you want something to do? Then check out this web page. Full of games, news, quizzes and entertainment, you’re sure to be anything but bored by the time that you’re done browsing through the different parts of the site.

Visit i-am-bored here

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