B.O.Y. – Yoga (Official Video)



B.O.Y. (Better Off Young) performing “Yoga”
Video Directed by Byron Atienza for the ANTI Group
Song Produced by ANTI PoP
© ANTI Society Records 2015

Instagram: https://instagram.com/betteroffyoung/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/betteroffyoung
Snapchat: betteroffyoung

GET B.O.Y. AND ANTI SOCIETY APPAREL HERE: https://antisociety.com/shop/


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  2. Gotchu losing your noodle, this pussy is voodoo. Her pussy is doodoo….. AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH the lyrics though. Seriously, this was pretty terrible.
    I don't care about the dancing and sexual stuff, that's par for the course. But the lyrics and music are terribad to me. I just feel like this was barely looked at before it was approved. The first chick wasn't bad, but god, this sounds like it was made in garage band, the music itself is really bad.

    Also, you don't really get a body like that from Yoga as it doesn't focus on muscle building and to get a butt that looks like that, you need muscles under the fat to perk it up.

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