Best Movie Decade Of All Time? – Classic Movie Fights!

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    Classic Director today: Sergio Leone
    Best Pre-80’s Animation: 101 Dalmatians
    Best Song and Dance Number: Man of Constant Sorrow, O’ Brother Where Art Thou (not entirely a dance number, but it is choreographed)
    Most Relevant Classic: Dr. Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
    Best Movie Decade: 70’s (if I lost coin toss) the 90’s

  2. My answers

    Question 1 – Frank Capra. Wonderful movies that take you from despair to euphoria with laughter and tears. Great morality tales.

    Question 2. – Victory through Air Power. Disney gets serious with air combat training films and that end scene is heartwarming.

    Question 3 – agreeing with Leonard. Fred & Ginger 'pick yourself up'. It's a wonderful scene made even better when Helen Broderick and Victor Moore tries the same thing afterwards….and fails.

    Question 4 – 12 Angry Men – whilst tastes and styles change, the American Judicial system and people's prejudices have remained the same for decades. Still relevant today. A voice of reason trying to cut through all the assumptions, falsehoods and bigotry.

    Question 5 – 1930's. The talkie genre was new, stars like Cagney, Gable, Bogie, Cooper, Astaire and Grant. 1938 & 1939 produced more movies now considered classics than at any other time.

  3. Why in the hell are we all supposed to worship at the shrine of Singin in the Rain? OK, it's very popular. I consider the song mediocre, and have never been able to sit through the movie.

  4. fired for not fighting during the speed round? Roth you should be fired for not fighting at all. the whole time. and Alicia I hope is band for judging any form of movie fights least she take hard core notes from watching Andy. Sasha also needs to rethink her fighting strategy.

  5. Alicia Malone may know how to fight movie fights but she hardly knows how to jude one. she needs to go and watch some fights and take serious notes on what Andy does. Also having two fighters with a major boner for the guest fighter makes for a lame fight.

  6. Leonard is great gotta love his Deep knowledge and passion for film but I felt like Sasha and Roth argumented better their choices. Roth should have won! Her argument for the 50's being the best era was stellar.

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