Bradley Martyn – Squat Tutorial Series

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  1. hey bradley when i do front squats my wrists kill what can i do to stop them hurting, i also wear wrist bands when i do the front squats thanks keep up the videos there great

  2. Bradly when you're cutting what excercis do you do? Like do you do any cardio at all? If so what? Or do you let the food do the work by eating right? Please help. Id like to know because im cutting right now and i have been lifting heavy as fk every workout and then at end im doing 500 calories running.. So idk what do you think about it?

  3. always looking to improve my squat form and maybe squat variations? (don't know if that's going to be included in this series). Regardless, cannot wait for this! 

  4. How do I fix muscular imbalance on my left leg?…as I'm coming down I tend to squat more to the right side. It's be cool to hear your perspective on that. Thanks.

  5. For all of you idiots that think your knees can't go over your toes when squatting you're fucking stupid. Go look at some of the best lifters in the world. You can't squat heavy ass weight without your lower legs coming out over your toes a little. It's not bad form and if you think it is you're probably weak as shit and you fall on your ass when you squat. You knees are going to come over a little. That's part of the form. EX: Dan Green, a world champion raw powerlifter and current world record holder at 220. His knees come over every time.  

  6. Can you cover some other myths like… Going below parallel is bad for your knees,high bar squats are bad for your back,other thing that makes me mad is when people say that you have to look up while squatting low bar Smh.

  7. Can't wait! 
    I've been power-lifting training for the last 6 months, my squats are the worst when it comes to form. 
    Hope your video series help me.
    Can you give some advice on high bar and low bar squats. I do high bar squats and i find myself leaning forward when i do 85%+ range. I want to slowly transition into low bar any advice would be appreciated.

    Keep doing what you are doing, Good luck with the channel!!

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