Buried (2010) – Teaser Trailer


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  2. what i like about it is how original it is. ive never heared of a movie with this kind of plot. your buried underground in a casket. thats actually a pretty scary thought. the main character will probably start to go insane. everyone who says its boring just because it all take place in the casket should rent an action movie because its not suppose to be like that. Saw 1 mostly took place in one room and the main characters were chained to the wall. but it was very entertaining

  3. @scotfever Hey, retard, havn't you considered the fact that he might have flashback as he's down there to remember how he got there? You really think the movie is going to be him in the coffin watching him slowly die? Fucking retard.

  4. well I can already tell it's gonna be a movie filled with flashbacks (what else are they gonna do for an hour and a half?) but I'll give it a try just because it looks somewhat nerve-racking and I hate tight spaces and also Ryan Reynolds is a good ass fuckin actor.

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