BuzzFeed News Is Garbage and The #TrumpPressConference Trainwreck

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  1. Fuck cnn news
    fuck liberals
    fuck the media
    fuck the mainstream
    fuck being politically correct
    Go Donald trump make America great again!!!!!!!
    and fuck all of you who is mad at this comment

  2. CNN has published soo much fake news over the years. Donald sees that. Not to mention "news" that we don't know is fake but Donald now knows. They are on the Clinton's payroll.Proven by the wikileaks. I wouldn't give them the time a day.

  3. He collaborated with the Russians to make up an obviously fake story so he could discredit news org looking into his possible crimes. Have you ever heard of Machiavelli?

  4. How is it fake news? Are they being deceptive or something? I suppose people can't figure out what the truth is so why confuse them? I guess we be just all a bunch of docile followers then, so we have no right to transparency.

    The CIA…now those guys are in the know that we are too stupid to know what they know, you know? Are you proud to be an uninformed American? Jesus would be proud…if pride wasn't a big fat sin. Extreme liberals and this far right insanity in the "Even Whiter House" are both uninformed and dangerous zombies. America is fast asleep. Zzzzzz Always has been along with the entire WORLD.

    We are the zzz

    We are the children

    We are the ones who make zzzz

    so lets start zzzz

  5. todays political/media is a joke!!! DeFranco thanks for giving us just facts and of course giving your own opinion. I really want his term over and for people too be more realistic smh. But we gotta thank trump because he dogged all the dumb people and what not.

  6. why was, and still is, there such an obsession with trumps taxes and books, if someone came up to you and demanded to see your account register, demanded that you make it public for everyone to see, And said they would stop pushing a connection between you and another person would you? How fair is that. That isnt journalism, that is utter shite and incredibly childish.

  7. I read the News to learn and have knowledge of stuff that is true and factual, since when did News become a place where reporters compete on who can come up with the most bs story…disappointing truly

  8. i'm confused, didn't buzzfeed publish it as "allegations" and "speculative".. I thought they pretty much said, yeah we don't know if this is true but here it is.

    Anyways, defamatory content in politics is not a new thing.. we're in a way highlighting this trump thing but we literally made the last president prove he has citizenship so idk.. I'm on the fence for buzzfeed because like Vice, its a source for people who are often silenced. The minority and in between usually get a voice here so its hard for me to ever be totally against even if alot of their content is questionable(just to pay the bills)… yeah I have to try to see some silver lining. shrug

    btw, when you get a reality tv host to be the president, the content about him is probably gonna match lol…

  9. Philly, you said it and walked right over it. The unemployment numbers are skewed, 96 million is high, 15 million is low. They stop counting you if you don't qualify for unemployment insurance, many of whom still want a job. Break that down and you sir will gain a like. Also, I watched a 30 second add for you today, and a 2 minute one yesterday! For the most part I very much enjoy your show.

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