Calisthenics Workouts: Pros and Cons (TOP 4!)

6 week calisthenics workout that builds muscle http://athleanx.com/x/build-muscle-with-calisthenics Calisthenics workouts, or bodyweight training as some call it, …


  1. I'm lacking in terms of muscle and rather short with high blood pressure, so working out at the gym brought me to the brink of fainting multiple times. not the "this is worth it" kind of fainting, more like the "this is dangerous" kind. So I stayed home and did calisthenics for a good 6 months, on and off. It was challenging but I was able to move at my own pace. My functional strength improved dramatically and I was able to do two pistol squats in succession, which is quite an achievement to me. Not to mention, it's fun on a level that weightlifting probably can't provide.. Soon, I was able to do 1 handstand push-ups with no support, and even after falling flat on my face against the pavement trying to go for a second rep in succession, I got up feeling achieved. Lost some skin that day and got a mark on my temple but I was so excited I didn't pay it any mind at all.
    I've recently escaped a hopefully short-lived run-in with hard drugs that put me in a spell of laziness, and I plan to do strictly calisthenics and gymnastics before I even think of bulking up and going back to weightlifting. Not to mention the obvious, you build raw muscle in Major and small muscle groups. I'd say the only real con with sthenics is that you can't really isolate muscle groups… everything's worked out. strength I got in result of my bodyweight training (that I havent done in at least 5 months) has yet to fail me. My diet was shit and I still benefit from the results. combined with precautions, it has made me far more aware of my form in not only exercise but also lifting heavy shit that people think I definitely shouldn't be able to lift.

  2. I like the syke out @ the calisthenics cannot help you build muscle part. That left alot of ppl confused lol. God bless you man! Your videos are great! Thanks for not cussing as much as Eliott though he's very informative & helpful as well I appreciate all you guys on YouTube much love to all y'all dudes from CT Fletcher to the regular guy. Peace & love Jesus/Yeshua is Lord!

  3. What MADE this video was the fact he was working out on CANADIAN soil with our boulders…. that is one of the sweetest deals I have seen in a while…… so 'Jeff rocks!' takes on a new dimension…..eh? 😉

  4. One piece of alternative equipment to enhance bodyweight exercises not mentioned is the suspension trainer. I personally use the Human Trainer which by far is the best trainer on the market today with the dual anchor system. One of the many challenging exercises that I particularly like is the reverse biceps curl which adds more tension and believe me, you feel it! Can we see some videos on suspension trainer exercises that compliment not only bodyweight but other training as well.

  5. All of your content, ATHLEAN-X, is STELLAR! After years of destroying my body with weights and no stretching, I started gaining HUGE benefits from alignment oriented tai chi and yoga. I started applying the slow learning approach of Tai Chi with the body mechanics of yoga to calisthenics and saw immense coordination, flexibility, and strength gains. At first the changes in my body felt extraordinary, but then it just started to feel like normal open space and control.

    I haven't seen someone break down calisthenics and the body the way you do, and I think your work is awesome. Not only do these exercises make you stronger and more flexible, but the simplicity of reorienting your body's alignment comes with so many other mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

  6. Man when you said calisthenics can't build muscle I instantly disliked the video. Then you crossed it and I double liked it to compensate, only to realise I canceled the thumb up. Damn I had to press the blue button a third time, you really got me on that one you tricky jacked mofo

  7. So 3 cons? lol At the end of the day, I'd rather have function. If I want to add more weights to my body after I can move it with ease, I'll just add weights to my body. … Simple. My goal is not to be a strong man or Mr. Olympia.

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