Celebrities Who Completely Killed Their Careers In Seconds

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  1. I admire Sinead O' Connor. She spoke out against the hypocrisy of the Catholic church. Americans are so triggered with anything controversial. They deserve their idiot stereotype. Also they have the president they deserve

  2. You DARE NOT speak out against a religious leader – THAT IS HOW THE CATHOLIC PRIESTS GOT AWAY FOR SO LONG MOLESTING BOYS – if found out, it is hushed up by sending the priest to anther parish and then washing their hands off the whole incident!!!!

  3. Not a good idea for Sinead to have done that. Pope John Paul II was popular, a very nice man. I think her gripe with the Catholic church was about abortion. Abortion is a nasty business. Apparently she might suffer from mental illness. Making yourself as unattractive as possible, waging war against the world and acting like a Yoko wont make one a lot of friends.

  4. Mo'Nique. Hmmm..an actress with a SERIOUS weight problem. Yeah, that's Boffo Box Office! Can't imagine why casting departments weren't shoveling money at her.

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