Celebrity Booze Tasting with Danny Brown and Jim Meehan from PDT

Watch Danny Brown and James Beard Award-winning bartender Jim Meehan of PDT taste their way through five celebrity-endorsed spirits, then create Danny’s …


  1. The best cocktail ever is what I call the "real Incredible Hulk". It's absinthe, light blue Gatorade and a lot of ice. It sounds like it wouldn't work but your essentially diluting it the same way you would dilute it with just water and sugar except this way you get a lil more flavor!

  2. Absinthe/Pernod/Pastisse/Raki/Ouzo is definately an acquired taste. Used to be able to drink it in my youth straight but not anymore. A must have for many Tiki drinks though…

  3. I couldn't enjoy this. I kept getting annoyed at the dude talking all the time and telling danny how to do shit. He's the star of the show bruh let him to his thing and be himself. Like the guy told him how much of what to mix just stfu.

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