Celebs You Didn’t Realize Have Extremely Troubled Siblings

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  1. On the one hand, some of these siblings do need help. On the other hand, they're the ones that got themselves into the messes they're in now, and they have to suffer the consequences.

  2. Madonna has built a lot of hospitals and schools in Malawi the last 10 years. I mean, she has paid to built them. She doesn't help her brother anymore for a reason, which we don't know cause isn't our fuckin busyness. So stfu.

  3. Madonna has a few brothers. Chris wrote the tell all book the other one who was homeless in Michigan spoke to National Inquirer. The tell all book was pretty funny!

  4. Addiction has torn millions of families apart, and celebrity families are obviously no exception. I think Tyka Nelson is so amazing for taking Prince's helping hand and beating back her addiction and remaining sober. Gordon Ramsey and these other celebs have tried to help their addicted relatives, but in the long run, the addict really has to help themselves. At some point you have to just cut ties to remain sane yourself. I hope that these people, and the other millions in the throes of addiction, wake up and get the help they need.

  5. hardens brother.. tries getting away from his misses, she pursues him by trying to.climb into his property as he tries to evade her.. he goes to prison. ridiculous female privilege. imagine if it was reversed.. "foaming at the mouth monster tries getting into his girl car as she fleas from him ends up being dragged down the street".. followed by lots of applause for her bravery.

  6. Madonna once sucked my dick so hard…the bruises were noticeable! The pain of being sucked so hard made me limp…I needed crutches! It was like she was trying to suck my soul out of my body? Like SATAN! Come to think of it…why would I let a Satanic WHORE suck my dick?

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