CHEAT & RECOVER | LEGS & TRAPS! Life Of A YouTuber – Full Workout

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  1. Not trying to be overly critical, but it looked like your glutes were coming off the seat doing leg press. Also, isn't it a little bit reckless to do cheat reps with leg extensions? Seems like that would put a lot of pressure on your stress on your joints.

  2. I made a comment on your other squatting topic when you were saying ass to grass has be for growth

    which I said biomechanics and other things have to be taken into equation when doing squats as no wrong way all right way for depth.

    I've got another question I've had a lot of injuries last 20 years, both my left and right knee are broken I think I've damaged my Achilles heel, muscle damage to my right hip my lower back all the way up to my right shoulder

    I do sumo squats as fit well for me when I go heavy I struggle to get to parallel I don't know if there's a psychological or if I haven't got the strength anymore in my legs

    lighter weight I can go ass to grass sumo squat and normal squatting

    should I quit squatting heavy and just use light weights as a finishing exercise

  3. IMO: A tip by me that you may disagree is that i don't suggest doing this exercise for trapezius and bounce the weights. You should feel the weights and don t bounce them cause you are not going to achieve any gains like this. You must control them.

  4. Hey @ScottHermannFitness can I use the cheat and recover method as a soccer/football player (depends on the nationality) and if what is your recommended amount of sets and reps btw I am 16. Last I love your channel and how BIG you are. Hope I will get there someday. Love Denmark

  5. I tried this work out yesterday, I almost vomit in the gym. I was a competitive ciclist, then a rugby player and now I run, so my legs are used to work hard, but I guess not this hard. Thanks Scott for this level of intensity,

  6. I'm sorry for offtopic but who the fuck pays $20 to $25 for a physical movie cd? I thought those were always less than $10. Hell, even the cinema is cheaper than $20. They should really drop those prices if they want more people to actually buy dvd's instead of torrenting them (or netflix etc).

  7. here we can see your natural. if u were takin stuff and with your training backround(many years) u would squat a lot more. but for a natural at your weight and bf, this is really godd! keep it up!

  8. You're using way too much on shrugs. The point of shrugs is to hit your traps, meaning your traps should move the weight, but instead your legs are moving the weight. Try 275 or 315 and remove the needless stress on your lower back.

  9. Those squats are bad. Feet loose, hip thrust, buttwink, elbows, open grip. And of course the belt because you have no core. Lame as fukk.

  10. Fucking pussies. I can squat 545 and I'm 86 pounds. Lol for real though my 1rm is like 230 ass too grass and I'm 165. I work legs 2 days a week and would like to get to 315 by the summer.

  11. On sale Scott? $20 is literally the starting price for every movie that comes out. Wait a week or two and it'll drop to $14, or if you watch movies on YouTube like I do, you can rent for $4.99

  12. Video was very helpful. And that kid is lucky to have a group of friends who can help him out! But at least those of us who don't have people like that, have your channel!!

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