Citizens Who Exposed Shady Government Secrets

Some government secrets have been exposed by extraordinary individuals. The following list is of whistleblowers who exposed shady government secrets.


  1. Weather if you want to believe it or not but it's the truth coins is a true currency gold blocks is it true currency do you know where that's at they got it locked up in there pendant cards and stuff the Jews no that's the true currency coins

  2. You wonder why you old your bank that's getting pulled out of airyour credit cards is fake your dollar that you work for is fake all that stuff if you owe the bank is getting pulled out of are there making up numbers

  3. They make the richest out of hard-working people okayindeed do not have to lift a finger because you know why the dollar bill the $20 to $50 that is not true currency

  4. this is the truth that you race is dishonest they lie to your face and smile why you think the government no matter if it's Republican Democrats I don't trust either side so I don't vote promises gets made and they never come true

  5. I hate to tell you not trying to be racist but the government answers to the JewsI just want to let you know the Rockefeller roster child's they are families and they're Jews by blood

  6. Considering that the US government favors corporate interests over the interests of it's own people, the argument can be made that most factions and bureaus that operate with self proclaimed sovereignty do so in a treasonous and unlawful manner. They know it, and you only know it because the whistleblowers knew it first. History in books and history taught in schools is not history as it truly is.

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