Conspiracy Theories You'll Never Forget

Coming up are 5 of the most intriguing and plausible conspiracy theories out there right now –that’ll have you questioning everything you took for granted.


  1. These wildfires are because of climate change.

    The fire was completely normal, sometimes things happen that are unnatural looking when they are completely normal, it is climate change.

    However an airplane disappearing was more likely an alien or portal to other worlds.

    Someone called me accidentally or on purpose and they didn’t say anything…

  2. America? Kewl beans, then it's an easy fix.

    Awesomeness. See, technology is insanely important and useful in rectifying misdeeds and has the capability of being properly funded through military funding. Especially since they already own NASA. Net neutrality via reasonable redirection of American-owned space broadcasting equipment. Simple.

  3. but wait…if you had a freaking TRACKING CHIP IN YOUR BODY THEN WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL BEING KIDNAPPED?! Won’t the MIGHTY government be able to find them???

  4. The laser beam one really makes me wonder…. I mean I know such things as lasers already exist, just not like in StarWars ofc. They could be mounted on planes and more possibly sattelites

  5. People have said the "chip" is the mark of the beast, or at least the mark of the New world order. Many say they would never allow for such a thing to happen, that they themselves would never accept a chip. However we have all accepted a cell phone that does all this and so much more. I live in utah about 5 miles from the NSA data bank where they store all the intel they gather on the public. The place looks more hardend than any prison I've ever seen and I'm sure that reinforced concrete goes a long way underground. So, we all willingly chipped ourselves and are allowing the government to spy on our every word and every move.

  6. 9 illuminatis….all of which are tremendously knowledgeable in their respective fields are somewhere controlling the world order…under them comes the govt and powerful people..ofcourse they are not aliens as we think….theirs lot to find out…We need to learn a lot on how to counter the ways they try to hide their selfs..they are so blended in the society that if an illuminati is standing next to you..you would even know about it.

  7. I used to work for Sinclair for years. I remember during the 04 election they made all the affiliates air a program called “Unfit for duty” it was basically an hour long shit talking about John Kerry and everyone had to air it during prime time. Stuff like that happened all the time tho we were always forced to air shit directly from Sinclair.

  8. I just moved out of the Camp Fire area. The fire was caused by PG&E not properly caring for their equipment even after local complaints. I can tell you from personal experience, it was windy AF up there & the canyons only served to stoke the fire & drive it faster, hotter, & farther. As a vet, I’ve seen & used DEW. This fire was not a DEW. While extremely hot, it was a natural fire blast furnace that we will never forget. Asinine folks like David Wilcox spreading false narratives about what happen piss me off. Our families lost everything & it’s a fucking joke to people. Want to know what happened? Ask those of us that were there! Ask those of us that searched through the cinders looking for bodies. Ask those of us that had to search the remnants of family homes for whatever might remain. Mom, brother, aunt, uncle, mother-in-law, cousins…lost everything but it was due to neglect by a power company, not a military or government strike.

  9. Born in 1988 .."Dinosaurs are coming back on the year 2000"…somebody fucking with my brains then I go " George Bush was a reptilian"..Fuuuuuuuuuu-

  10. Your dumb cousin:the earth is flat!!! Me:you idiot no it’s not if it was flat we would be flat and we would be crushed probably dumb cousin:oooooooh

  11. You say the word "conspiracy" like you mean "fantasy." That's dumb and ignorant. Learn how words work. 'Conspiracy' is an actual legal term meaning "two or more people working together to do something illegal or harmful." That's all. Conspiracies happen every day. It's a legitimate term and the word connotes literally nothing about the believability or likelihood of a given act at all. If you believe 9/11 'happened,' then you, yourself, believe in conspiracies, regardless of how or why you think it happened because whether it was "terrorists" or "an inside job", it was a conspiracy between the acting parties either way.

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