Court Scenes So Bizarre You Won't Believe They Actually Happened

Court is the most respected institution in the world. From Convicts Who Freaked Out to fake feinting, here are the top 10 Court Scenes So Bizarre You Won’t …


  1. if more folks would choose suicide over life in prison, think of the money we would save, and no one would have to suffer through being an executioner

  2. Did the judge get in trouble? U can’t tape some ones mouth shut!!! He has freedom of speech yes but once in court or under the government u lose it!! But be shouldn’t be able to tape his mouth shut.
    If a parent or boy friend did this they would go to jail!!

  3. I believe they "actually" happened. What I have trouble accepting, however, is that you just called court the most respected institution in the world. XD XD XD

  4. Having your mouth taped shut is not the same as the right to remain silent.
    Also, your honorable mention….I can't believe he was so disrespectful that he didn't wash the tattoos off his face. What a bastard!!!

    BTW, I'm not defending these people, but some of the narrator's comments were just ridiculous.

  5. How can parents kill their own children? Those people need pushed to the front of the line for Death Row, I'm serious. People like that who could just kill their own children, those that they're suppose to protect and nurture shouldn't be allowed to live.. Every single one of those "parents" and I use that word loosely should be killed the way they killed their children at a much slower rate.

  6. Most of the people here committing child kidnapping always pretended that they are crazy to avoid being jailed. Sadly, it works most of the time.

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