Creepiest Houses You'd Never Enter Even If You Were Paid

Some homes are truly creepy. From infested houses to haunted houses, here are the top 10 most terrifying houses in the world. Subscribe for more!


  1. Aleister Crowley and satanic rituals… ye…
    I understand you need to make your videos edgy, but calling every occultist especially one of the most recognized ones like A.C a satanist or claiming them to partake in satanist rituals is insulting.
    Could you at least do a bare minimum of research before claiming something like this?

  2. I cannot help but feel like the doll house is only on there because you just wanted to tell the story, there wasn't even any mention of the house itself only the story ofthe grave robber, i dont think that one belongs in here though it is a messed up story i will give you that

  3. Ok so some of the info on this video is false. Stephen king stayed at the Stanley hotel in colorado not the shanely in newyork. You should probably fix that.

  4. I have seen a ghost bird, here’s the story. I used to live in a villa and I lived across from my friends house, one day I went over and ran past the kitchen, I looked at the kitchen and saw a bird fly through the walls. When I told my friend about this he said that the workers built that villa over a cemetery and I basically freaked out.

  5. In fact Sallie's house was not haunted by a ghost of a little girl. It was a demonic creature. No Sallie ever died in this house as a little girl – there is a few documents about this house.

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