Cross-Training Cable Circuit



  1. Yo yo… Wonderful vid. My bro had been a flabby. He revolutionized his body from 290lbs of pure fat into 209 lbs of full-strength muscle. I could not believe it! I just subscribed personally as I wanna beef up. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

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  4. Could this same routine be done using a set of resistance bands + door hook? I have the Lifeline USA TNT triple band system (the one you use in your FTW video) and I'm wondering if I could use this with that.

  5. This is more of circuit training, cross-training for example, would be, a football player, normally doing burst of exercises, running, and plyometrics, etc… To make it cross-training, you would incorporate punching the bag, or boxing, swimming and climbing, because its not sport specific to the sport of football (my example), you "cross" over to other sports that would normally involve these, to basically get more variation, and possible greater benefits…Good exercises though.

  6. @mr1in1000000 it's not disturbing. It's inspiring to see how ripped these guys are. When I see these guys i don't think "oh he's hot" I think "hell yeah I want to be like that!". Makes you want to work harder to achieve a similar thing!

  7. I have a question. How can I incorporate more circuit training that utilize cardio training like this into normal weight lifting routine (the chest/back/legs/etc.. day split). Should I do only only this ciccuit once a week?

  8. Hey scott got shoulders, to get those cannonballs! I can hit alot of weight, but my shoulders aren't gettin any bigger!> so should I do light weight more reps or ?

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