Dascha Polanco got booty? “Orange is the new black”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nCBDlUzSts&t=19s the other video i made CONTACT ME http://www.instagram.com/philochko http://www.vk.com/philochko …


  1. Honestly!… You mus haven't ever watched the show or seen her….. Kuz her Ass is Big and tremendous… I don't see how you can say her Ass ain't big. It might not have aero dynamic shape. That thing is A FORCE And a GLOBE and a Half tho… Truly phenomenal… actually all THE LATINAS ON THE SHOW ARE INCREDIBLY PHENOMENAL…

  2. like philko said, a woman with a big butt has a big butt in every pic, def pass on ass alone, its almost the same as her waist, which makes her back seem wide. anyone who thinks her ass is "phat" (like say…delishis or cherokee) is either stupid, dick ridin, or delusional. the last pic shows you everything u need to see flat butt, wide back

  3. I see what you're saying. I will say, she is gorgeous. That arse is just right to me. There should be a "just right ass poll", from her on out to contrast with the Boulder butts that we see. She'd be right in there for me. Love em all.

  4. Yeah Selenis Leyva ass is Nicer FOR SURE I don't know WTF they was talking about in the Comment section of that video I do like Dascha Polanco though

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