Dating Slang You Should Know

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  1. I'm 25, not married and have never heard of any of these.. but I have called these things other words.. for instance, "cushioning" is called cheating

  2. My guesses:
    • Stashing – collecting information about a partner or crush e.g. favourite snack
    • Bread-crumbing – talking to a crush or partner through other people e.g. Ron giving Harry a clue as to the first Triwizard trial
    • Cushioning: letting someone hug or rest on you (BTW what is a "sidepiece")
    • Mooning: I agree with Rhett and Link. It also happened to me once
    • Kitten-fishing: I agree with Rhett and Link.
    • Umfriend: An acquaintance who thinks themselves your friend but whom you want nothing to do with, or a friend who is angry with you and with whom you may no longer have a two-way friendship.

  3. literally nobody uses these words
    unless this is a straight person thing. in which i would have no idea. because nobody really knows what's going on in straight people's heads.

  4. I got bread crumbing like leading someone on and cushioning on as like someone who keeps someone as second option and kittenfishing and umfriend as someone who is between like friendzone and like smth more yasss

  5. I am a millennial and I am clueless, and like being clueless. I've never really cared for slang, although this was entertaining. But I'm sure Rhett & Link could make just about anything entertaining.

  6. Why does a song stuck to your head?

    Answer:Because you can't find the end to it so watch a lyric video of it.

    Lol! Its a joke/riddle I guess some of you already know this if you watched the video of Reaction time or if you just know many joke/riddle because……

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THAT’S RACIST!!!… or is it?! I honestly don’t know anymore…

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